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Rental Policy:

Bounce House Rental Policy

ADULT SUPERVISION IS ABSOLUTLY REQUIRED when participants are in the unit. The lessee shall be responsible for the supervision of all participants while they are in the unit.
Shoes, Glasses and any other object are not allowed inside the Unit and must be removed before entering the Unit.
To avoid back and neck pain and injuries, flip are not allowed inside the Unit. If the Unit is an Inflatable Slide, participants shall not jump from the platform into the sliding area.  Participants can slide only in the sitting position. Slide head down or lying down positions is very dangerous and is strictly prohibited 
Only participants of compatible ages and sizes shall play in the unit at the same time. NO ADULTS ALLOWED INSIDE THE UNIT.
See table below:


Unit Size              Children 8 or under                   Children 9 to 12                 Older Teens
13’x13’                      about 8                                    about 6                                 about 4
15’x15’                      about 10                                  from 6-8                               about 5
Combos                   about 10                                  about 8                                 about 5
Slides                       1 at a time                              1 at a time                             1 at a time

Shoes, Jewelry, Drinks, Gum, Cigarettes, Confetti, Pets, Toys, and Sharp Objects are Absolutely Prohibit inside the Unit. No violent or aggressive plays, no flips, no hanging from net are permitted inside the Unit. No face painting, No party poppers, No colored streamers and No silly strings can be used inside or around the Unit.

Do not allow participants to jump white holding on the netting of the Unit
No BBQs or GRILL around the inflatable.
Please, keep in mind that all this products can cause serious damages to the Unit that cannot be repaired
It is the lessee responsibility to keep the unit clean and free of any type of garbage.
The Unit shall not be move from the location of installation. The Unit cannot be removed from the address specified on the rental agreement.
Participants shall be away from Blowers and generators. In the event that blowers and/or generator are accidentally turned off, remove all participants from the Unit and turn on the blower and or generator. Do not allow participants re-enter inside the Unit until has been fully inflated. 
It is prohibiting opening the zippers of the Unit. In the event that the zipper has been opened, removed all participants from the Unit and closed the zippers. Do not allow participants re-enter inside the Unit until has been fully inflated. 
In all the cases, if the problem persists, please call the Lessor immediately. 
Keep the Unit and Blower at least 15 foots from the swimming pools and other sources of water.
The safe return of the Unit will be responsibility of the lessee. In the event that the Unit is not safety returned, Lessee shall pay Lessor the full market value of the Unit.
The Lessee shall have full responsibility of the Unit Operation, including but not limited to supervision of the participants in the Unit. Lessor and its Officers, employees and agents shall not be responsible for any injuries occurred during the use of Unit. Lessee further agrees to hold the Lessor and its officers, employees and agents free and harmless against any injury or claim. The Lessee shall indemnify and hold harmless the Lessor and its Officers, employees, and agents from and against any costs incurred due to claims arising out or in connection with the use and safe return of the Unit.

Tents Rent Policy:

Tents are made of Water Resistant and Fire Retardant Material but as temporary shelter they are not guaranteed water proof under extreme weather conditions. Under extreme weather condition, Tents most be evacuated to avoid injuries.
BBQs and Grill are not allowed under the Tents.
Only qualified personnel of Fiesta Paradise, Inc are authorized for the installation of tents and once installed it is prohibited to be transferred or moved from the place of original installation. IT is strictly prohibited to remove the tent from the address on the lease agreement.
Fiesta Paradise, Inc, its officers, employees and agents are not responsible for any damages caused by delivery and installation of tents on trees, grass, and shrub or for damages caused to the underground sprinkler system, water and gas or electrical lines.

Linens/tablecloth rental Policy:

A Security deposit may apply when renting Linens. The security deposit can be made in cash or hold in Credit Cards. Once the Lines are returned back without any problem we refund the whole amount pay as security deposit. In case of damage, we deduct the value of each tablecloth damaged from the security deposit and the remaining amount will be returned to the client.
Tablecloths cannot be returned with burns, paint, glue, gum or crack. Nor can put in a nylon bag when they are wet as this causes it to mildew.
The client does not have to hand wash the tablecloths. Fiesta Paradise, Inc pays for this service to professionals and experts in the care of the cloth to ensure the quality of each tablecloth.